Project Pitch Reflection


To prepare for my project pitch, I read through the brainstorming mini-assignment I had worked on the previous week. It had all the beginnings of my ideas, and a somewhat hazy idea of a final project emerged at the end. I thought this would be sufficient for my pitch, to get the idea out of my head and into the others, essentially throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.

I think this worked out for the most part, as I got a wide variety of advice from my classmates. Some of it what about the scope of the project: I heard from several people that a 3 to 5 minute video would be the most engaging for their attention. Another suggestion was to have a mini-series of videos, each with a specific conversation to be had with the idea of college. I think this is a good idea, with several videos, I have a wider scope and will be able to feel like I am still doing a good amount of work for my project.

Another helpful suggestion was to think about the audience: several people wanted to know who I would target, and I think each video could potentially address all of my audiences: graduating high schoolers and college students. I was happy with the response to tone: as most thought the idea of a dry parody would be funny, and that it would be able to provoke some questions as well.

I am confident in writing the formal proposal, the only question that remains is what specific topics do I want to address. I know my project will be very malleable and that subjects will be added and cut throughout the process, but I am a little worried about starting off the list and what ideas I want to begin with.

Beyond that, I’m just excited to start shooting the videos and editing the clips into something somewhat like a finished product.

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