Reflecting on the Proposal Pitch

Going into the proposal pitch, I think I felt a bit overconfident. I didn’t feel that my idea was superior or anything, just that it was well-enough developed and thought through for it to suffice as a project pitch. In this regard, I was definitely underprepared. The feedback provided on my pitch helped me realize that my project idea will need to be revised and reworked.

The most helpful advice for me was that I should focus on gauging interest within my intended audience (which at the time was the general public), because my project topic — the therapeutic potential of rock climbing — is not necessarily relatable to all. Using past advice from Shelley, I am now considering changing the focus from rock climbing to adventure in general (though this is not for certain), which would attract a wider group of readers. This would also give me access to a wider research base, which would definitely allow the project to progress more quickly. In focusing on this more general topic, I could still incorporate the personal narrative components about rock climbing that I was hoping to incorporate. As a project medium, I am still considering writing an immersive journalism piece in which I would write from personal experience, interview others, and incorporate scientific research to answer the question: Why is it that wilderness adventure is so therapeutic for many? Also, why is wilderness adventure not for everyone? And maybe as an overarching question, why are so many of us compelled by nature, while others are not at all? I hope that these questions would grab the attention of most people.

Though this idea is solidified in my mind, I still have doubts. Part of me thinks a topic more creative would be a better fit, but at this point it seems unreasonable. I think committing and solidifying my current idea will be best for me.

I’m excited to see what comes of my project. While I expect it to continue evolving and shaping, I am hoping to avoid any drastic changes!

Here’s a fitting article (with a very fitting title) that I will use as part of my topic research! >> Fitting article with very fitting title

2 thoughts to “Reflecting on the Proposal Pitch”

  1. Cameron,

    I think it is really cool you are thinking of doing an immersive journalism piece. I enjoyed your idea of focusing on rock climbing since you are so interested in it; however, I agree with the rest of the class that you may reach a greater audience if you cover other nature-related, adventurous activities. You mention that you wish you were doing something more creative, but I think that you could get very creative with this piece. Maybe the research you do won’t be as creative, but anything is possible with the way you piece it together. Think of how you can communicate your research and personal narrative to the reader in a creative way- I’m sure there is a lot you could do. I don’t have any specific ideas at the moment, but I will be sure to let you know if I think of anything!


  2. Hi Cameron,

    I think that your project idea is great. Although I love the initial focus on rock climbing, I do agree that by broadening your focus to adventure in general you will be able to reach a wider audience. If you decide to do that I still think you should dedicate a decent amount of writing to rock climbing because it seems like something you are interested in and have a lot to say about. In terms of genre, I think that an immersive journalism piece would be a perfect way to showcase your findings. Have you ever written immersive journalism before? Just as Kaitlynn mentioned, I think that you will be able to showcase your personal narrative in a creative way through the immersive journalism piece. It may be cool to incorporate images and do a cross-over with photo journalism? Just a thought! I’m excited to see how your project progresses.


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