Well that was all good to know

That was a much-needed confidence booster. So far we haven’t written much, but I’ve taken on a pretty informal tone in the little writing that we have done. And it didn’t feel right. It felt really weird actually. But I thought the writing was good. It’s just that I’ve grown so used to formal writing throughout high school and college. I’ve been conditioned to crank out papers robotically, not adding much of my personality into them, and handing them in with only a grade in mind.

But Kelly and Minna’s posts were like a written nod of approval.

The two posts I chose to comment on were titled, “Hey, over there! Listen to me” and “To the Minor in Writing Youngins”. The writing style Minna and Kelly used really stood out to me as I was reading. I thought they both drew the writer in by making themselves relatable.

Kelly used some humor in her intro paragraph by putting personal side thoughts in parentheses. And Minna referenced something other than writing — art, specifically Van Gogh.

That strategy made them really relatable. I felt like they opened up to me a little bit, and that made me much more willing to accept their advice.

Kelly wrote a five-item list of advice to us, which was a really effective way to present her suggestions. Her fourth point was only three sentences long but really drove home the message to be confident in our writing. That made a lot of sense to me. Like I said, I’ve been seriously doubting my writing in the first few weeks of this course.

Then, Minna’s post sort of expanded on Kelly’s fourth point. The majority of her advice revolved around escaping our comfort zone and to take risks in our writing. Again, like I said before, I’ve been writing with a lot more of a personal and casual tone than I have in the past. I’d say I’ve taken a small step outside of the comfort zone, and was a bit thrown off by it. But Minna reassured me to take one step further instead of pulling back.

Going forward, I’ll use this advice to try at least one project that is completely different from the writing I’ve grown comfortable with. I’ve had instances where I type out sentences, only to delete them because it was different from the way I typically write. So to take Kelly and Minna’s advice, I’m going to try to resist the urge to click that delete key on my computer so often.

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