Writing Venues: Memoirs

It has become part of my nightly routine to read successful women’s memoirs before going to bed. I do this to give myself a break from screen lights which supposedly inhibit your ability to fall asleep quickly. I’ve checked a significant amount off my list including Mindy Kaling, Chelsea Handler, Tina Fey, Lena Dunham and Amy Poehler.

I am currently onto Shonda Rhimes and have I Am Malala lines up next. These books are all very similar and honestly pretty predictable, yet for some reason I keep reading them. All of these women have different writing styles. Their voices are the most crucial and memorable part of the entire book. For instance, it is clear that Shonda Rhimes is a script writer. She uses a ton of line breaks and dialogue. All of the books directly address the audience and actively engage them throughout the duration of it.

Another similarity between all of these memoirs is the introductions. They all follow a very similar formula. They start out by making fun of themselves, usually talking about how narcissistic it is of them to think that anyone would want to read a book about their lives. They joke about how uninteresting they are and how unlike them it is to write a book. Really! They’re just like us! Shy, closed off, timid. Then they go on to describe what will be mentioned from weird drug experiences in college to their worst boyfriends. Some advice is sewn in there and there you have it! A memoir is made and you’re hooked and can’t stop reading.

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