A Little Work Done, A Lot Of Work To Go…

I have had pretty good success with my Project II thus far. I haven’t really had any mishaps per say and things have went pretty smoothly for what I have done. I am pretty much done with a majority of the research that I will probably do for the project. So far I have been able to plan out what I am going to write for most of the project and have a rough outline of where I am headed. I have also written around 3,300 words or around 5 ½ pages of the project thus far but have yet to really edit any of it. So even though those parts are written that isn’t saying a lot as I will probably need to significantly change some (or lots) of what has been done. Also I have pieced those pieces together over quite a period of time so I don’t know if the tone is consistent or even the tone for which I am aiming. Also I am worried about the length as I don’t know whether what I am writing is too long or not.

It may seem that I am ahead of the game with what I have done but really I am not. The only reason I am this far is because I have put off doing things which are now very pressing (like two exams later this week) so all progress has pretty much stopped now and won’t pick up until spring break.

I have enjoyed the experience writing thus far though and it has been pretty fun. Unlike normally in writing I don’t have to tone down any sarcasm or sass that I may want to put in the writing. Sometimes I can even lay it on a little heavier than I would normally which is a lot of fun.

So I still have a lot of writing and editing to do before this project is even close to being complete. Although I am happy that I have completed a significant piece of it so far as it will make moving forward a lot more manageable.

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