Becoming a Chef

I’ve always wondered who was cooking my food at a restaurant. I can count on my hands how many times I’ve encountered the chef at a a place I was eating. So for this project, I wanted to uncover who these people really are.

Thanks to the friendly people in Ann Arbor, I was able to shadow the Chef at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. I interviewed him for three hours and spent the day with him in the kitchen and he even let me cook my own steak (with significant guidance). I learned more than I ever thought I would about being a chef, what it takes to get there and the amount of work it takes.

In fact, when I got to the restaurant, he was doing dishes! Why would a chef do dishes? Read my final project to find out.

I think this project will really show my passion for food, obviously, but also my interest in uncovering who people really are? Chef Charles could’ve acted entitled like his title might suggest, but he was down to earth and a real blue-collar, awesome dude. With more research, I can’t wait to learn more about him and use Charles as a case study when talking about the life of a chef.



As for my new portfolio, I am incredibly excited to have another chance. My old one was crap and really embarrassing. I plan to showcase both who I am as a person and a professional. I will most definitely post my best sports stories from the Daily on the site, but also include other writing as well (My annotated bibliography has some pieces I’d love to share with more than just myself and teachers).

There is no reason for my work in these classes to die and be stored only on my desktop. Why not try and showcase them to whoever comes to my site. I am not trying to make this site to impress employers per se, but with that in mind, I wouldn’t put anything on this site that would make a recruiter feel questionable about me.

I will also format this site professionally, such that is follows the basic format of all major sites. If you look at Apple, Uber and airbnb, they all have the same general layout on their home pages and top tab bars.


When it comes to social media, I am all Twitter.

If you look at my computer, it will be open nearly all the time. (I’d post a picture but some error message keeps popping up when I try to upload a picture)

Jason Rubinstein

A half-Argentinean sports writer for The Michigan Daily. Previous intern at the New York Daily News. Siracha sauce enthusiast. Avid Chicago Sports fan. Once turned down a bid from AEPi.

3 thoughts to “Becoming a Chef”

  1. Hey Jason,

    I think your post really encompassed all you want to showcase on your portfolio, which is AWESOME, and more than I can say about how sure I am about mine. You seem super sure of yourself and your project, which I’m sure with shine through. I really like your idea about having a professional portfolio. i find it interesting that Apple, Uber, and airbnb all have super minimalist websites, and yet your laptop Twitter feed is super chaotic to look at. Do you tweet a lot or just look at other feeds? With a love of food and sports, you definitely have a lot of directions that you can take your portfolio, especially visually. I’m excited to see your not crappy or embarrassing portfolio.


  2. Hey Jason,
    Ditto on the first portfolio being really bad and not wanting to make the same mistake this time around. I love the idea of formatting your portfolio like a professional website, I think it’s a great idea to help keep it clean and uncluttered like we talked about in class. Not to mention having a professional portfolio online will likely make you more desirable to employers down the line (or at least not undesirable).

    Because your primary social media outlet is twitter, are you planning on having a link to your twitter feed on your portfolio, or do you think this would make it too cluttered. Like Amy said, twitter and other social media is very chaotic, but if you tweet a lot, it might be useful to link it on your portfolio to add a bit more of your personality into your professional portfolio.


  3. Hi Jason,

    It sounds like you have a clear idea of what your final project will look like, and I like that you decided to use Charles as a lens to talk about the more general issue of working as a chef. Like you and Kristen, I also had a crappy first portfolio and I think it would be cool to do a better job on my capstone portfolio as well. As long as we have this opportunity to showcase our work, we might as well make the most of it and produce worthwhile. I’d love to hear you explain more about your social media usage in your portfolio. What is it about Twitter that you enjoy so much?



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