Capstone Worries and Not So Worries

I’ll start off by talking about what I’m worried about in terms of my capstone project. First, I’m worried that I’m not going to have enough time. I’m not really a procrastinator, but I’m quite easily distracted. I’m also worried that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. My project is going to require a lot of research – research on a subject that isn’t exactly widely examined.

Maybe somewhat conversely, I’m worried that my original ideas for this project were so big that this version won’t be equivalent to my vision. We were asked to think in class about where we would take this project given far more time and an entire faculty behind us to complete what we could not. I would travel to each of the lighthouses. I would sketch drawings of them, and then I would build tiny to-scale models ¬†using historically accurate tools and materials. I would write a chapter of a book on each keeper in each lighthouse, and another book entirely on the stories they could tell me. I would publish those books using historically accurate printing methods, papers, and ink, and using historically accurate language.

Pardon me while I drag you in a circle by your ears¬†here: if I think about it a little differently, maybe I’m not all that worried about disappointing myself. Because in the end, equivalence is relative, isn’t it? If I did have a full faculty and five years to answer this question, the project would be one thing. But I don’t have either. I have myself, and I have a few months more, and so I will do the best I can to justify this weird thing I’ve got going on in my head. And if I feel I’ve accomplished that, I’ll be good.

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