It’s been quite a challenge to combat my climbing anxiety this semester, and the unwieldy-ness of this project isn’t helping at all. Even though I have my production plan all worked out, my biggest concern is that I’m biting off more than I can chew. Right now, I can’t help but worry that the best way to achieve the best version of my project requires much more time than two and a half months.


I’m very comfortable with the content I want to investigate and cover. Overall, I’m exploring the gentrification of design, or what I’m calling the “Anthropologie effect.” I want to first research Anthropologie, anthropology, socio-economic trends, and gentrification, in order to understand the pervasiveness of this effect in modern lifestyle design. Then, I want to investigate Etsy as a product and perpetuator of the effect, since it fills a gentrified niche of peer-to-peer e-commerce made possible and left open by EBay. Finally, I want to bring this research together into a website that presents my findings while mimicking the effect Anthropologie has on its customers when they walk through the door.


My current thought is that this content take shape as informative articles, which can then become the sections of a larger research report that encompasses the whole website. However, I’m not sure that this is the most effective format, or whether or not this is the most engaging format to go for. If I were to do something else, I really don’t know what it would be. I’m concerned that I’m taking on more research than I’m capable of achieving by project deadline.


I’m also concerned that hand-coding this site is going to be the only way to achieve my intended effect. I know very little about site coding, and while I’m definitely looking at Pottermore for inspiration, I’m pretty sure I’m not capable of reaching that level of awesome. This is really where I’m starting to freak out.

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    This is definitely an ambitious project. There’s no doubt about that. It’s doable though, and it sounds really interesting. I think your anxiety is stemming from the aspects of the project for which you are unable to gage time commitment- for example, learning to code a website. This seems like the most ambitious aspect, yet, in my opinion, the least critical. Have you experimented with any web development platforms yet? There are several out there that I think would be adequate for what you are describing, but that is ultimately for you to decide. While coding your own website would be impressive, it may keep you from perfecting the other elements of your project. So my advice would be to try other platforms, and if you still can’t achieve the effect you’re going for, then incorporate learning and practicing coding into your production plan to lessen your anxiety and gain a clear sense of the time commitment it will require.

    Best of luck!

  2. Hi Rachel! I resonate with your desire to code your project as well, something that I considered doing as well. However, I’m aware that my coding skills are not at all advanced enough to achieve the effects I want in the time constraint mainly because I was imagining something almost like a virtual reality. Yet, if you are looking at Pottermore as an example, I think you could achieve like 60% of features through Wix too. Otherwise, if you want to hand code, Twitter’s Bootstrap is an excellent resource. They provide component codes for building responsive web app on different computer languages even though you still need to build the basic structure of the web app (links to different pages etc.). Hope this helps!

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