If My Project is Dry and Boring, What Does that Say About Me?

For the capstone project, I’m looking at common misconceptions in science and the way we communicate scientific ideas to the general public. I’m attempting to figure out how the general public gets their information on scientific matters, such as GMOs and vaccines, and how these kinds of topics become some of the most misunderstood ones. This has the potential to say a lot about me, but for the most part I think it showcases my love of science and the advances we’ve made as a society, and my desire to educate the general public on these issues so that we might have a population that is more welcoming to new discoveries and technologies.

My biggest fear is that this whole thing is going to turn into a dry, boring research essay. I fear that it may misrepresent me as a person in that way. I like to laugh and joke around, and I don’t take myself very seriously. Most of the the photos of me on Facebook and other social media involve really unflattering faces. I want to incorporate this part of my personality into my project by putting a bit of humor into it, which will hopefully keep people more interested. There are a lot of ways that I’m thinking about doing this, but it will (hopefully) be tasteful and not so overpowering that people think I don’t take my topic seriously.

As my best friend tells me, I’ve got a knack for logical thinking, and I’m very stubborn. I read everything first as a skeptic. I think that this trait will easily come through as I analyze and debunk false, sensationalized, and exaggerated articles about certain advances we make. The risk I run here is sounding pretentious or like I’m attacking a specific person or source, which I catch myself doing fairly often. A side effect of my passion for science is the tendency to go on rants about anything that interests me, even when I notice that my audience’s eyes have glazed over. To combat this, I’m going to try to be concise while still highlighting things that I think are important to know and understand.

Tl;dr: passion for science and educating people about science, humor, and logical thinking are the biggest things I want to highlight in my portfolio.

3 thoughts to “If My Project is Dry and Boring, What Does that Say About Me?”

  1. Hey Kristen,

    I found this post to be super helpful in understanding what you hope to achieve in your portfolio! Obviously as your group member, I know a lot about how you want to approach the project, but it was really interesting to read about how you want to breach the topic of identity. I totally understand why you are concerned about coming across as boring, but I think your actual personality can and will shine through. It would be hard to create an entire portfolio without little aspects of “you” thrown in there. Plus, I think by debunking myths it demonstrates that you don’t just believe everything you hear, which in and of itself is a very unique quality, which further proves how logical you are. Plus, humor can easily be incorporated with slight digs on the overall idiocy of the general population…because largely your audience will be interested in not being so ignorant.


  2. Hi Kristen,

    This project will not be boring. In fact, I think this has the potential to be incredibly funny. Watch this Texas Tech video: doing something similar would be awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRZZpk_9k8E

    I, too, am a skeptic a lot of the time, so don’t worry. It sounds like you are excited to merge your interests in science and writing and I think that’s cool.

    As always, I’m here to help



  3. Hi Kristen,

    I think the fact that you are worried about sounding boring is a good sign; it means you have something you can watch out for while writing and make sure you do the exact opposite (i.e. make your piece witty and humorous throughout). Also, based on the picture you posted, it seems like you’ll have no trouble at all coming up with humorous content. Like you, I worry about sounding pretentious when I’m passionate about a topic. However, I think maybe if you explore why people are so convinced about certain science myths, you can debunk the myths without sounding too much like you are attacking people. I’m excited to see what you decide for the tone of your project!



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