It’s All Good Fam

The research and preliminary drafts are going really well. The list of able-bodied privileges is growing as I walk around in the world each day and remember what it was like when I couldn’t walk. The research is also pretty good since my main two sources will be the lists by McIntosh and Johnson that I’m modeling my list after.

Right now, I’m working on how much background to put in before I jump into the list. I’m not really sure how much is too much or too little. I also don’t know how to differentiate what I have to say about privilege from what sociology scholars have already said about it. I don’t know how much of what I say should be cited back to other scholars, versus what should be what I have to say.

Other than that, I like the direction my project is going in, and I’m excited to get more feedback and to keep working on it.

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