I’ve Made My Production Plan, Now What?

After class on Thursday, I immediately went home and finished my production plan. Putting the schedule together was a little hard, as I know things will change. Timelines will shift, certain components might change, but I am happy I was at least forced to put down a rough guide. Some aspects of my production plan I feel confident about, such as the ability to find the research I need, and also the writing of my own personal experience with mental health issues. Additionally, I have experience in making videos and podcasts.

What I am less confident about isn’t related to a certain component, but rather putting it all together. I am not sure how I am going to structure my whole project. Although, as we discussed, that should hold me back from beginning to write and research about it, mentally it is still stressful for me. As someone who likes to be very organized and planned out, I have never started a paper that I have literally no idea where it would end. Sure, sometimes when I get into things they do end differently thant I thought, but I at least went into it with some idea of how I thought it would look like. I feel much more in the dark about this project. I need to get passed this anxiety about knowing everything to be able to get into researching. My attitude about it all is very hesitant, and I am working on conceptualizing it all differently, so that I am not intimidated or discouraged about it. This is what I will be working with this week. With more confidence and a clear head, I will be able to better delve into my topic and starting the research.

2 thoughts to “I’ve Made My Production Plan, Now What?”

  1. Hi Carlina,

    We’re definitely on the same page when it comes to concern over what the final version of our projects will look like. I, too, am very hesitant about getting started, because I don’t know what shape everything will end up taking. The emotion/anxiety that’s connected with this project is almost more daunting than the actual act of doing the project itself. I think you’re on the right track by working on conceptualizing your ideas; I might even recommend putting each idea down on index cards or sticky notes so that you can organize and rearrange them as you brainstorm. It’s something I’ve done for my product design class, and it’s really helpful when figuring out how to break down a project into smaller, more tackle-able pieces.

    I have a feeling that it’ll be something a bit like swimming. We’ll have to start our research and format-testing like starting in the shallower end & figuring out how to float; eventually, as things start to take shape, we’ll be doing freestyle laps and coming up for air every few strokes.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing how your project takes shape! Best of luck.


  2. Carlina,

    Feel this one hundred percent. We’re different, though, in that I often start my papers and have no idea where they’re going. I wish I had your problem because I think I would be much more successful in life if I was an over-planner. That said, I am also struggling with not knowing what my final project is going to look like.

    While I’ve often times just started writing and hoped to find a point somewhere in the midst of all the nonsense, it’s still difficult for me to imagine using that tactic with a project of this size and of this importance. What I’m going to try to do, and what I can recommend to you, is just to let yourself sort of “word vomit” on this project. Just start thinking of anything related to your topic and type as much as you can about it until you can find one sentence or section to latch onto, and then continue with that idea. It may seem like more work than necessary, since you end up writing a lot of things that you don’t need, but it’ll help give greater clarity in the long run.

    Good luck!

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