My Internet Habits

When I first heard about the prompt for this blog post, I was worried because I knew there wasn’t going to be anything particularly sophisticated in my internet history. However, looking back on the weekend, I’m actually surprised because I was relatively productive this weekend (mostly because I have an exam coming up). The most recurring websites were sites for class: CTools, Canvas, and access to textbooks. Beyond that, I did find myself on Facebook a lot. I think I often use Facebook as a mindless distraction between assignments, but I generally limit my time and/or only view friends’ pictures.

My internet history also showed me the general way that I learn about things outside of class. An example of the order of the sites I visited – “Outsiders (2016) Trailer – YouTube” –> “Third World America: 5 insane realities of Appalachia”   –> “Capturing Appalachia’s Mountain People – Smithsonian” –> “Appalachia – Wikipedia” –> “Appalachian English – Wikipedia” –> “Exploring Appalachian English – YouTube”.

I definitely need to go out of my comfort zone more. The pages I visit are all school or career related, spurred by some kind of pop-culture event, or the news (from New York Times, generally).


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