My Project and Me

My project is very indicative of my personality. First of all, I think it will properly capture my entrepreneurial tendencies. It will be clear the reason that I have interest in the student loan space, and I will be attacking the issues in a critical and innovative way. My project will also tap into my creative side, an aspect of myself I wish was utilized more often. I will be able to incorporate many mediums I am either skilled at, or am talented in. I’m particularly excited to be able to accompany my writing with photography. I’ve always loved taking pictures and have had a knack for capturing moments, and am looking forward to coupling this with my writing.

Overall though, I don’t think this project will be particularly in line with any of my social media presence. Over the last few years I’ve been very quiet online, and my personality today is not incredibly aligned with my personality back when I was active on social media. In general, my aversion to social media comes from an inclination towards privacy, and the fact that I’m very conscious that what I post can be seen by the entire internet. Because of this, my project will be in line with my talents and personality, but it will surely not showcase myself. To equate this to creative nonfiction for example, there will not be a tremendous amount of ‘I’. Instead I will choose to focus more heavily on telling the story of my subjects, while still being conscious that they may have similar tendencies, in terms of willingness to share online, as myself.

2 thoughts to “My Project and Me”

  1. Hi Max!

    I think it’s so great that your project relates to your interest in entrepreneurship, especially since it’s in a very creative and outside-the-box way. In terms of your social media presence relating to your identity, I agree that it will be more effective to focus your project on other people’s stories. But, I think you could use your portfolio as a whole to showcase you–whether that is through the persona you believe comes across online or other characteristics that you feel define you. Or, you could use your portfolio to show how you are interested in other people’s stories, so as to show this aspect of your identity without just “telling” your audience.

    I think there are a ton of different ways you could go with your portfolio, and I can’t wait to see what you decide!


  2. Max,
    I am really excited about your project! I love that you will be incorporating both a creative element and a factual one. Have you thought any more about how you are going to photograph your subjects? Will you do all the photographs in one place or will you allow the subjects to choose where they want to be photographed? I can’t wait to see how you pair the pictures with the subjects’ stories.

    In terms of your social media presence, I can definitely see why this project doesn’t directly correlate (mine doesn’t, either). But I do think you can allow the project to showcase who you are. It demonstrates your passion for entrepreneurship and sharing other peoples’ stories- that says something to me! I can’t wait to see where you take the project!


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