My Project II Update

The good news is that I’ve finally decided on my topic.

I went back and forth between writing a fake column about domestic violence issues in sports and writing a personal narrative that revised my Common App essay. I’ve finally settled on the latter topic. I think writing the sports column would’ve been “the easy way out” for a lack of a better phrase. I’m much more excited to challenge myself and go outside my comfort zone by writing a personal story about the experience of watching my brother go through chemotherapy (and thankfully come out of it healthy).

I got a bit of a late start to the project since I was so indecisive on settling with a topic. Since then, though, I’ve made a lot of progress. I found the publication I will use for repurposing (The New York Times Magazine’s Lives section). I’ve also compiled a lot of examples to use as references, since this type of writing is pretty foreign to me. I don’t think I’ve written something this personal since the original Common App essay I’m repurposing.

In the coming days I plan on talking to my brother and dad to get their perspectives on how this experience shaped me. From there I’m going to start my first draft, which I think will dig a lot deeper into the impact my brother’s struggle had on me, especially because I’ve encountered a lot more “real life” issues at college than I had in high school (in the original essay, I wrote about some pretty trivial things like my experience on the varsity soccer team).

Once I get home for spring break, I want to compile some photos that I could use to recreate a magazine-type feel to my project.

It’s going to be tough to take on a new form of writing that I’m not used to, but I think the challenge will really help me grow as a writer. I’m looking forward to it.

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