Old habits die hard

Some recent developments in regards to my own technical devices have influenced by normal internet habits. First of all, my computer charger broke and I can’t afford to buy a new one, so I’ve been snagging my roommate’s whenever I get the chance– my computer is dead a majority of the time. Secondly, my phone’s data capacity is nearly saturated. So, these two implications inhibit me from spending time browsing the internet; however, I’m using that kind of as an excuse for my uninteresting internet history.

I found that the overwhelming majority of sites I visit are through google. Google search, translate, docs, drive, and most obviously my email. And the sad part is even most of the links I visit are sent to me through email, like Canvas and Ctools. Luckily (unfortunately) I had two papers to write last week, which entailed mounds of research so that significantly spiced up my feed and gave me the opportunity to read some interesting articles. Although besides that, the most interesting site I visited was ,embarrassingly, lizardpoint.com to take a bunch of geography quizzes. Plus, the only reason I use the browser on my phone is for quick-fact searches to prove people wrong, “See, I told you Les Mis wasn’t about the French Revolution” *shoves phone is loser’s face*

I will not hesitate to admit that I am lazy and have little time to be searching the internet for new and exciting destinations: it is a strenuous activity (#firstworldproblems). I do not oppose a challenge, though, and plan to combat my monotonous habits by reading at least one article per day, always from a different source. I feel as though this will complement my consistent reading of my almanac every morning at breakfast. Old habits die hard, I guess.

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