On to the fun part!

After deeply researching about the rising movement of Slow Fashion, I have learned an immense amount about how much has changed since the last time that I explored this topic in 2012. There are so many popular brands that have begun to become more sustainable, and reading about the changes they are making got me extremely excited to educate Michigan students on this “eco-friendly” trend.

So far, my project is still in its “planning” and “outlining” stages as I have roughly decided how I want to organize my SHIFT issue. I am planning to begin the magazine with various student interviews. However, I am struggling to begin the writing process itself because I am unsure about what it is I want to ask the students. I know that my main goal is to discover whether or not they are educated on the Slow Fashion Movement, what their routines and habits are in terms of consumption, and how willing they would be to make changes in how they consume clothing. But I am unsure on what questions I specifically want to ask to find these answers out.

Following the student interviews, I want to include an informative piece about why the current pace of fashion is harmful to workers and the environment as well as why Slow Fashion is the only solution to this problem. Then, I am planning to include a few articles about popular brands that college students can shop at to stay “fashionable” and “sustainable”. The two brands that have intrigued me the most in my research have been Zady and Reformation.

Once I complete the interview process, I will have all of the information that I need to complete this digital magazine. It is just the putting it all together that needs to happen (aka, the fun part)!


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  1. Hey Emily!

    It’s cool that you’re doing interviews with people. I’ve never written journalistic things so it’ll be interesting to learn about it through your own process. I’m still not totally sure what Slow Fashion is either so I’m excited to learn more about it during class!


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