Potential Remediation Ideas

I will openly admit that so far, the repurposing assignment has been an incredible challenge. Figuring out how I wanted to say, what I wanted to say, though exceptionally frustrating, has led me to think about how I potentially could remediate the piece.


  1. Because my piece addresses feminism and symbols in society, I think it could be cool to make a video interview girls and look at who they look up to. I address Serena Williams, Hillary Clinton, and Beyoncé in my repurposing, and believe it would bring another aspect to talk to people about their opinions of both these people, as well as others. Additionally, I could gain their opinions about feminism and symbols in society, progress that has been made, and what still needs to be done.
  2. I could do a photo blog where I interview different people and find out their opinions of the role of role models and symbols in society. I would photograph people of different backgrounds and take excerpts from interviews, creating a visibly appealing compilation.
  3. Another option would be to do a TedTalk-esque piece, reflecting on feminism and symbols in society. It would be more of an expansion of my repurposed piece. This could be effective in giving a more personal opinion, especially being a female athlete who is interested in politics.


One thought to “Potential Remediation Ideas”

  1. Mollie,
    After reading your repurposing piece, I think these are all extraordinary ideas! I’m particularly interested in the photography project— as a photographer, this could be just a matter of bias, but I really do think this idea is rich with potential. In the medium of photography, I see a potential way of combining ideas 1 and 2: you could interview people about the concept of symbols (on a theoretical level) AND about the people they look up to most (on a personal level, as role models). You could take the portrait of the interviewee and place it next to the portrait of their role model, and use this visual juxtaposition to underscore similarities and differences in who we choose as our symbols. Just a thought! I’m super excited to see where this project goes next.

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