Project II Research

I started my research by looking at various popular news and entertainment outlets online like the New Yorker, The New York Times, and HuffPost. A memoir type thing didn’t really fit in any of their sections so I kind of  branched out to Women’s magazines that might have some sort of “Life” section. None of them really did. I found that has a Life section but I’m still contemplating whether or not to write the memoirs for that section. As of right now though I’m trying to mold my tweets into some sort of narrative that could fit in that section if need be. Otherwise I’m hoping to visit the Hopwood Room soon to try and find some sort of creative magazine to place my work in so I can maybe be more creative with my writing.

3 thoughts to “Project II Research”

  1. Hey Liv!
    What is the Hopwood Room? Will your memoir be a shorter one that could be featured in a small section of a magazine like the ones you mentioned? or were you thinking of writing a longer memoir, just modeled off of this style of writing? I like the idea of placing potentially placing it in some sort of creative writing magazine because that might give you some more freedom to do what you’re imagining!

  2. Hi Liv,

    Turning your years-long tweet archive into a memoir-ish piece is a really creative idea! I also agree that it is a good idea to publish your piece in a magazine that focuses on creative writing. That being said, how long do you think your piece will be (because that might affect where you can publish it)? Additionally, are you planning on using real life instances with the tweets kind of woven throughout or are you going to fictionalize what happens in between them to fill the gaps? I guess if it’s a memoir it’ll veer more on the nonfiction side. How big a role are the tweets going to play/how are you going to use them? Whichever way you go, I think it’s still a really good idea to publish it in a magazine that specializes in creative writing like you mentioned.


  3. I think you definitely have one of the more difficult to place projects that are being developed. I am glad though that you are finding at least a little success in finding some space for where to put your project. Keep up the good research and I hope you can really nail it down soon. Other than that though I am really excited to see where this lands and what you do with such an interesting idea

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