Project II: Research

Since I’m going to be turning my patient care report into an abridged Field Emergency handbook type thing, I’m going to need to make sure that I have a wide range of possible trauma/illnesses that one may encounter in the world featured in this mini book.

I have my giant textbook from the certification class that is turning out to be a huge help in this process–both by giving me ideas for which emergencies to include and the symptoms, presentation, treatment, etc. of them. The book is insanely detailed and enthralling, so I’m thrilled that I get to pore over it for this project. It separates each body system and their various potential ailments into chapters (the book itself is incredibly organized into the two main types of emergencies and then the different sub-units of each), and this set up will help me determine what is important to feature in my own project.

The book will also include a glossary/terminology page where I’ll go over applicable and crucial vocabulary–the certification class I took gave me access to some excellent virtual tools that will help me immensely in this endeavor.

2 thoughts to “Project II: Research”

  1. Hey Che!
    This sounds really interesting! But are you going to focus more on the stories from your own personal experience or focus more on the stories from the textbook from the class? I think it would be cool to mostly focus on your stories but then integrate the factual information into it from the textbook. I also really like the idea of having a glossary/ terminology page that way people who may have no prior experience in the medical field can understand what you are saying- this will be really useful!

  2. Your project sounds very interesting and different however I do have some more questions after reading this short piece. The scope that you will be undertaking in this project is my first question. How many pieces are you thinking that you are going to include? From what I understand you are taking this (presumably) massive textbook and condensing it down into a much smaller creation. I think looking at where you are going to draw the line for inclusion/exclusion is something that you should nail down early so you don’t try and do too much. As far as the research you have done though it sounds like you are on the right track and definitely have a lot of the more difficult parts of the research done.

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