Project II Update

So there’s some good news & some bad news: I’ve narrowed down my project focus, but I’m having a hard time actually seeing my vision through.

I started working on the introductory stories, and general info introduction pieces for my recipe anthology, and I also have selected the recipes I’m going to write up.  As I got writing, I realized that this needed to be a little more focused, so I decided to scrap my original idea of including stories from other people to accompany some of the recipes.  I thought this would make a really interesting read, but the more I wrote myself & the more I thought about it, I realized it could just end up looking like it lacked a direction.  I’m not quite sure exactly the point I’m trying to go for including stories anyways (besides making it an interesting read to accompany some recipes tailored to college students), so I think adding stories from other people would just add to the confusion.  Using my own stories and anecdotes will also help me to focus in more on the writing and spend less time curating stories from friends that would be worthwhile to include.  I’m thinking I might include the aspect of other peoples’ stories for project 3.

That all being said, I’m still finding it difficult to see a clear end goal for what exactly this will look like.  I’ve been writing the intro, but I have multiple different sections ranging from my own personal journey with food, to the scientific reasons evolutionary biologists believe we have evolved to cook. I think my project is evolving into a easy to follow how-to cookbook with fun stories inside (which I intended it to be), but I think I’m just confusing myself because I can’t yet see a clear end goal.  I usually always have an end goal in the form of an explicit assignment so I think the fact that I’m allowing myself to kind of just write & see how it plays out is making me nervous.

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