Project Progress

It’s impossible to change something that never existed in the first place. Thus, my idea for the form of my project has not changed. When I began thinking about my project, even when I wrote up the pre-proposal, the form was not something I knew. I thought about it. I thought about how I needed to decide what it would be. But I never actually decided. As I compose my proposal, the form of my project is slightly more defined – I decided to alternate between presenting topic analysis about the co-evolution and existence of humans and dogs and evidencing that analysis with stories about my dog, Max. My analysis may be presented as prose derived either from an article or an interview or as video clips. Using creative non-fiction, I will narrate my stories about Max, but I will also include personal photos and videos. My image of how all of this will tie together in my final project is still fuzzy. I feel like given the time, resources and expertise, my project would best be presented entirely in video format. However, that’s not something I think I can pull off. Maybe I can. More thought on that to come.

The element of my project that has drastically changed is my content focus. My original idea was to couple my interests in psychology and law (and dogs) by discussing rescues. What is the human psychology behind animal abuse and neglect? What is the psychological impact of those experiences on the dogs? And how does that psychological impact affect the behavior and training of rescues? Now, my project focuses much more on the co-existence of man and dog. Dogs are our companions. Why is that? By discussing these things I hope to implicitly get at the issue of animal abuse – a direct breach of the social mutuality of humans and dogs.

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