Remediation Idea Bounce

Possible ways I could remediate my essay:

  1. Create an online quiz that targets and assesses the participant’s vanity.  This would be very much like the Buzzfeed-style clickbait quizzes one sees on facebook.  This would have a focus based on what participant finds most desirable and attractive.
  2. Create an online picture slideshow that would go through the key elements of vanity and how they encompass daily life.
  3. Create an online playlist comprised of songs that discuss the idea of vanity/ego in a way that prompts the listener to reflect on their own life.

One thought to “Remediation Idea Bounce”

  1. Dan,

    I’m not 100% sure what the goal of your repurposing project is, but I think that the buzzfeed quiz would be an interesting way to have your audience confront their own vanity. I also think that the playlist would be fascinating (although I would probably be jamming out instead of thinking about my own vanity, honestly). A lot of this would depend on what exactly you would place as your questions. Also, for the buzzfeed quiz: would it be one of the ones where you see how many of the list you checked off, or an actual quiz?

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