Remediation Possibilities

For my first possibility, using my Repurposing project piece, I can develop my essay on feminism and turn it into an informational video with clips of women talking first-hand about the topics I use in my paper, complete with slides of quotes and shocking statistics.

My second possibility is a Ted talk with my paper as the basis.  I could film myself giving this Ted talk and make it a YouTube video.

For my third option, I am thinking of taking a piece I wrote last year in my History of Sport and the Color Line class about the Negro Leagues and developing it into a podcast. I talk a lot about the history of African-Americans and baseball and I think a podcast could really work in exploring that and also discussing contemporary topics.

One thought to “Remediation Possibilities”

  1. Bryan, your first option is similar to what I’m thinking about for my remediation: making a documentary of a mix of interviews. I like that idea a lot; you could also feature yourself in the video. Maybe you could start with the video clips you collect of the interviewees, then end it with yourself speaking talking about the stats and facts you discuss in your paper. That way you would also be combining #1 and #2 pretty nicely.

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