Remediation Thoughts

Just to recap my re-purposing assignment is writing a feature article for a magazine about Serena Williams as both an athlete and role model. For the remediation project I have a few ideas that I am considering.

First, since my re-purpose on Serena Williams is talking a lot about her body image I think it would be really interesting to use pictures of newspaper headlines and photos that have been used in articles about her. Reporters seem to have an obsession with her “masculine” body so I think there would be a lot of material to work with. A big part of my paper is how the media portrays her so this would be a direct representation of that.

A second way to re-mediate this work would be to have a type of podcast where there are soundbites about her. These soundbites would come from interviews and sports reports about her. It would convey the same message as my article does but with all primary sources.

A third and final way to re-mediate this article could be a slideshow type thing that in a way combines the previous two options. I could make an iMovie that shows pictures while playing relevant soundbites.

2 thoughts to “Remediation Thoughts”

  1. I love your idea to use primary source content to tell the same story that you tell in your paper. It would really make the issues you cover in your writing seem universal, like they stretch beyond your own thoughts and opinions. It would also be a really fun challenge, I bet, to try to construct a narrative out of only preexisting sound bites and images, without adding any of your own filler material.

    Because my days are often saturated with images (thanks, Facebook), the idea of a purely audio project really intrigues me. I’m sure photos would be great, too, but I think it’d be super cool to see you construct something with only sound to rely on. Good luck! I look forward to seeing the results.

  2. Lannie, your idea is super cool!! while reading it I kind of had an idea that you could maybe incorporate to localize the whole concept more visually. Perhaps you could go into the anatomy of Serena? Take her apart visually and then analyse what these body parts are associated with/negative/positive things that have been said about them. I.E. her arms…and then soundbite to her talking about her arms or a tweet about her arms or something like that. It would be a really cool and original way to spearhead this whole topic in a way that I don’t think has been done before!

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