The Beginning of Project II

For Project II, I have decided to write a business memo about the effectiveness of a new accounting software program. Since the memo is something that I plan to give to my bosses, I need to ensure that it is professional, researched, and valuable. I desire for this document to be something that will eventually lead to company wide changes that every employee finds important (yes, I am reaching for the stars here).

In order to properly execute my memo, I need to learn all of the accounting departments beyond my own. For this reason, I have spent hours learning each individuals program and how it works. After I am capable of using the entire program and becoming what I call a “Hikuu Wizard”, I plan to speak with fellow employees about the difficulties that we both encounter.

For now, I am still learning how to use different parts of Hikuu. I plan to finish this over the weekend and then start interviewing people next week and over spring break in order to compile data and start my memo.


2 thoughts to “The Beginning of Project II”

  1. Hi Chloe! It may be my lack of knowledge about accounting speaking here, but I am a tad confused. What exactly is Hikuu? What does it do? Conceptually I think your project is a great idea, and I am so glad you are “reaching for the stars” lol. I think that researching with respect to fellow employee’s struggles is really going to make all of the difference as well. While I am sure that many of the issues you encounter others likely do as well, I’m sure there may be some generational as well as experience level gaps in tech understanding. I’m interested to see what you come up with! Best of luck on your endeavor to becoming a “Hikuu Wizard.”

  2. Hi Chloe!
    Your project sounds really interesting and relevant to your professional life; it’s great that you can link what you are interested in and what you are striving for professionally. While I don’t know much about the software program you are working on, I know that it is very ambitious and will be quite an accomplishment to get a good feel for all of it! I really like your idea of interviewing fellow co-workers because it will definitely help make your project more applicable to the majority of the employees at the company.

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