The Epic Journey of Creating a Project Proposal

Honestly, the title of this means almost nothing. I kind of wanted to write a funny, short narrative of myself writing my proposal. Probably not going to happen, as I just ate lunch and am on the verge of napping.

When I wrote my proposal, I had previously spent time examining the questions posed in the syllabus on Canvas. I answered each question as completely and fully as I could imagine, taking a question or two each day (mostly over the weekend). Then, I drank an entire French press’s worth of coffee and went to town writing the proposal proper.

What resulted was a more detailed document than I would have expected to have produced. I managed to explain all of the facets of my project, and I wrote over 1500 words.

But, when I got to class on Tuesday, I was confronted with many questions that I did not expect to receive. Many of the questions posed by my colleagues allowed me to further cement the details of my project, while also encouraging me to think more critically about the questions I planned to ask with my project.

The form of my project didn’t change after workshop, but it become more focused and detailed. Here’s to an exciting remainder of the semester!

— Evan

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