The Process of Perfecting my Project

Getting to a finished project proposal has been a daunting task. My project has taken many forms at different over a very short period of time. In fact, the project I have now chosen is not the option I thought I wold have gone with. When we were first told to come to class with a list of 6 options, this was not at the top of my list. However, after much deliberation and meeting with our professor, I feel very excited about the direction I am going.

I originally thought I was more interested in songwriting. This idea was sparked by the notion our Raymond brought up about this being the chance to work on something you have never been able to in school. Immediately, I thought about songwriting, because I have always wanted to try to learn, yet haven’t had the time. However, finding the actual confounding variable, something that makes this unique, was tough. And, after meeting with Raymond, I decided this project was not going to get fleshed out in my head any time soon.

My second choice was the topic of mental health. I have a huge personal connection to the topic, as three people very close to me live with mild to severe mental disorders of various kinds. This topic has always faced me because it is so complex and often hard to wrap your head around. This, I realized, I could delve into in a new way.

Once I chose the actual topic of mental health, I had to figure out what exactly I wanted to do differentely. Sure, I could research various theories out there, as there is an immense amount of research and knowledge out there on the topic. But rather than simply looking at what mental disorders are and how they affect those who lives with them, I wanted to connect it more socially. I was more interested in how society interacts with the topic, and why.

At first, my pre-proposal asked a lot of questions that I knew were un-original. Questions of stigma and cause are common in the research of mental disabilities. This was not going to be good enough. With more thought and time put into to my official proposal, I was able to find an angle that not only made me excited, but was something new. My new angle takes the various things we know about the topic, and looks at how society treats the topic, and finds a way to explain why those two are not aligned. Searching for a “blindspot” if you will. This feels new and exciting and also argumentative.

I am very excited to see what I find after I begin immersing myself in the topic.

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