Three possible, impossibly difficult remediations

Currently, my repurposing assignment is an infantile attempt at a satirical news article. As this continues to grow, it will develop into a–hopefully– successful representation of a satirical news article. The piece itself is in regards to the controversial comedy, The Interview, and I am criticizing the reactions surrounding the movie. Anyways, I have two vivid, fitting ideas for remediation, and one less-impressive, hail-mary-ish thought.

First, I picture a Saturday Night Live: Weekend Update skit. Unfortunately, I have a far too idealistic image and unrealistic expectations considering my abilities; however, I picture myself devising the script and doing my best attempt at a Tina Fey impression. Secondly, I imagine a skit on The Colbert Report, which seems to be more of a challenge. I think it would be a similar process to the SNL rendition, in the sense that I would author a script/teleprompter and try conducting the video representation to my best ability. These two ideas are strikingly similar, and I think the choice will depend on the finalized tone of my current piece: sarcasm versus satire. Lastly, my final idea is wildly different and much more desperate: a documentary article about the truth of North Korea. I feel like this would counter my repurposing project in an interesting way, because it reminds my readers that while I’m joking about a global situation with North Korea, Kim Jong-un’s radicalness is very real. Although, I am afraid this qualifies as more of a repurposing than an actual remediation of my previously repurposed assignment.

Overall, these are just inklings, but I am very excited for the upcoming assignments (I don’t find myself saying that in many classes).

2 thoughts to “Three possible, impossibly difficult remediations”

  1. I love both of your skit ideas! It would be so cool to see a student-produced comedy video. Also, putting your content into video form would be a sort of full-circle back to the original movie; you’d have taken the content, molded and changed it, and returned it back to its original form, but through a very different lens. That’d be awesome to see!

    Have you worked in video before? I know some UM actors and people with video experience, if you’re looking for any resources to make this happen. Good luck!

  2. After reading your first draft all three of these ideas sound very interesting! Personally, being a huge SNL fan myself I love the idea of a Weekend Update script. That is one of my favorite segments on television; it is so witty and concise. I am less familiar with the Colbert Report but I’m sure that would be funny too. The documentary about the truth about North Korea would almost be a re-purpose combined with re-mediate-another really interesting option!

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