What I Wish I Had Written Exercise

“All is Lost: In the Series Finale of Y2K, We Bear Witness to the Slow, Miserable Death of Basketball”

by Jon Bois, SB Nation.

This article is one of my favorite pieces of writing of all time, and the story of how it was created is incredibly interesting and unique to the 21st century. Bois often interacts with fans on Twitter, and one day he posted a poll asking how people thought professional basketball would end (end of civilization, game evolves beyond basketball, the owners disband the league, etc.) After receiving a bunch of answers, Bois ultimately decided a lack of talent would destroy the league. So using the popular videogame NBA 2k, he created draft class of players who were terrible at basketball. Then he simulated the game for years, with terrible talent entering the league year after year, and wrote about the hilarious results.

Another cool thing Bois did via Twitter is get name for these terrible players. He asked people to submit poems about the end of basketball, and the fans with the best works got to have their name represented by a player. Additionally, these poems are sprinkled throughout the piece. Bois has a variety of multimedia to engage the readers, includings gifs and embedded YouTube videos that he took of the games’ simulations.

This piece has a great use of narrative and sets a ticking time bomb at the beginning of the article: eventually of all the people that actually play the game today (LeBron James, Kobe Bryant) will retire and the league will be left with talentless players. Bois has a unique voice and fun ideas with how to use video games to imagine possibilities in real life.

For my own project, I hope to incorporate some of that same multimedia that Bois uses. I think that having a variety of links and images to guide, steer and reinforce what is being read is very useful for getting a message across.

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  1. Hey Adam,

    That article sounds sweet. I like the way he incorporated the fans and readers by asking them to tweet poems. I wonder if you could have something at the end of your video that asks individuals to tweet what bothers them most about college life (or something similar-that sounds a tad too negative). That would be a good way to incorporate multimedia into your project.


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