Boiler Plate Lingo

In my opinion, boiler plate language is used as a persuasion technique. It is very vague and used to convince the readers of a certain opinion without giving them any actual, concrete information about that opinion. Often, positive, non-descriptive words are used that are hard to disagree with. Boiler plate language is frequently found on political websites and platforms. Immediately, my mind jumps to politics and campaigns. The sole purpose of campaigning is to convince voters that you are the best choice.

On Hillary Clinton’s website, herĀ  aims are not different from any candidates. For example, she wants to, “Create good-paying jobs” and “strengthen our economy.” After reading that, it’s impossible to disagree. She doesn’t detail how exactly she will create these jobs and strengthen our economy, she just lists her (obvious) objectives.

I think that boilerplate language can be cliche. But not all cliches are boiler plates. Boiler plate language is often repetitive and over-used but not all cliches are meaningless.


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