Come On… Keeping Pressing My Pet Peeve Buttons… I Dare Ya

OMG why do I have a grudge against all typos, spelling mistakes, and contractions. It as if one little mistake will impair my entire future. For this reason, this is my second attempt at the Most Dangerous Writing App. This first one was for ten minutes and I lost half way through. Hopefully, I can make it five minutes this time. Ugh everything keeps disappearing because I am trying to fix my spelling mistakes. This app is emphasizing my pet peeves!

UGH I just need to focusing on free writing rather than grammar. I am a grammar perfectionist! I wish this was not the case. It would be so much better for me to be able to write my thoughts out instead of always going back and editing things. For this reason, the Most Dangerous Writing App is probably really good for me even though I strongly dislike it. The app forces me to keep writing, and keep writing, and keep writing.

I have no idea why these are my pet peeves. Unfortunately, I struggle to read anything without correcting simple grammar errors. I always get stuck fixing errors than analyzing the entire meaning of a passage.

In high school, my friends would call me the “grandma texter” because I always had to write everything out. A text like “Where r u?” drives me nuts. Eww I feel weird even writing the example out. Okay, well I just need to keep moving on or else my screen will fade.

Only twenty seconds left! Then, I can go back and fix my mistakes! I can not wait for the screen to be error free! Or maybe I should leave the mistakes and press my pet peeve buttons…

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