E-portfolio Research

I chose t0 research three different e-portfolios and I identified two that worked really well and one that did not work as well.

Will Ruben’s e-portfolio felt very bland to me. There was a picture of him, which I think is critical, and clip art, but no pictures that I could identify with on the first main pages. I wanted to see pictures on these pages to break up the monotony that can come with words on a page. When he chose to put pictures in his “music tab,” he chose way too many and I didn’t know which ones to look at and kind of felt over stimulated. Through researching his, I now know the importance of pictures and how critical they can be if used in the right ratio.

I really liked Nina Steinberg and Brendan Montgomery’s work as they used a great balance of pictures and words. In addition, these also included introductions to the webpage which stated the purpose of their blog. More impressively, each blog had an explanation of the purpose before each writing piece they put on the blog. This made me more likely to read each of these pieces.

These sites allowed me to model my site after the characteristics that I liked. This will contribute to the my site being even stronger.


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  1. Hey Louis!
    I liked Brendan’s blog too. I agree that there’s a right ratio for pictures. You can’t have too many but you need some to liven up the space.


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