Evolution Reflection

One of the most unique things about the Minor in Writing is the focus on reflection, which hit me as we were working on an in class exercise. I have had a wide variety of writing classes, written in a larger number of genres and styles (from screenwriting to sports writing to academic papers), and I can’t recall a moment where a professor or editor asked me to reflect on my process and evolution. It was almost shocking to realize, because every other vocation requires evaluation of evolution. A mechanic has to learn each part of the car to be able to fully service the vehicle, and he has to build on the things he has previously learned in the profession. So often, in all of my writing classes (besides the minor), the process of evolution and where we have been as a writer is ignored.

So when we were asked to reflect on our writing’s greatest strength, what we hope to learn about ourselves through the project and what other questions had come up, it took me a minute to start writing. However, I think the strength of my writing lies in drawing out details that most people wouldn’t include. For my project, which involves a critique of the University of Michigan, it is going to be important to find the small things about the college experiences. What I hope to discover via my project is a talent for editing and shooting videos. I know I can write scripts, this project is going to test my ability to have my work translate onto the screen.

The third inquiry ties into the second question, at least for me. The main question I had was what type of genre I want to write in, or what creative field I will go into. I’ve been successful with sports writing and screen writing, and academic papers as well. However, I have no idea what I’m best at, so I’m hoping this project can tease that out.

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  1. Hey Adam,

    I also have very few classes that ask me to reflect upon my own writing. Good observation! I feel like you have a good idea of the strengths of you writing. As far as what kind of writing you want to go into, perhaps it would be beneficial to not think about what you are best at, and instead think about what makes you happiest to write 🙂

    – Julia

  2. Hi Adam!

    I like your observation about your own writing. I agree that it is so hard to evaluate yourself as a writer and have to objectively think about what your voice is.

    As for the editing process- I’m sure your own artistry will shine through beautifully. I made my mini-documentary last year and found that the editing process was just another extension of the writing process. It’s like literally editing words out of a paper. Plus, I’m sure you have had much more experience with this that I have so I am very excited to see it!


  3. Hi Adam!

    I appreciate that you pointed out this class’ focus on writer’s reflection. It’s something I really enjoy about it as in previous writing classes I’ve taken haven’t really focused on that aspect either. I also think it’s pretty dope that you’re using a project to try and “self-discover” talents. I feel like that’s pretty brave. Our class had meetings with our teacher T, and I found myself hesitant to do something out of my comfort zone for fear of messing up and making a ridiculous project. It’s really awesome to see that you’re testing yourself with this! I hope it all goes well for you!


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