Focus Point

I met with a faculty member this past week to discuss my one-act. I found that it was nice to talk with someone who didn’t know about the final capstone project because doing so forced me to articulate my project and what I was planning on accomplishing. After hearing what I was envisioning, my faculty mentor suggested two things: that I narrow down even further the question I was trying to answer, and that I possibly include myself in my one-act as a character. I have been thinking about both of these suggestions and definitely know that I agree with the first. I have been planning on writing my one-act about choices; how we make them, why we make them, and what choices align with or go against the “authentic self.” However, I was advised to go further into the kinds of choices I want to analyze. Career? Relationships? Hair Length? I admit that I am really struggling with this. I suspected that I would start my interviews and carve a path from there but now I just feel a bit more lost than before…

That’s good news, right?

I have also been thinking about the second suggestion he had for me, to incorporate myself into the script. I like this idea because it would allow me to control some of the script before the interviews and would allow me to incorporate some elements of fiction as well. This week I am meeting with another professor who is the current playwright in residence and I am hoping he will point me in a direction that will hopefully give me some clarity as to where I am headed. Ultimately, I cannot forget that I went into this project with the goal of writing something that I would want to be in, and something that actors in my age range could perform. I hope reminding myself of these two goals will bring me back to a more narrow point of focus.

Looking forward to this next week, I plan to:

  1. Meet with Larry Harbison
  2. Brainstorm, keeping in mind my goals- what do I want to be in?
  3. Read more plays/one acts
  4. Narrow down questions I plan to ask
  5. WRITE

One thought to “Focus Point”

  1. Rebecca,

    It seems like you have a solid plan going, and like you have met with some people giving you excellent guidance. I really like what you said about articulating your project to someone outside of the minor, who doesn’t understand the capstone project. That seems like a good exercise in articulating your ideas and organizing your thoughts.

    – Julia

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