A majority of the writing that I do everyday is for communication purposes only. Short e-mails that say everything in the subject line (NNTO=no need to open), texting my mom that I am, in fact, alive and well, telling a friend I’ll be back to the house within five minutes. If not writing for a purpose, I am writing for a class. Either compiling a study guide, taking notes on a textbook, or outlining an essay. Very rarely am I writing just to write.

What makes my writing special is something I have never really thought about. Kind of makes me cringe to think about. Does anyone have time to read my writing anyway? I think one (of hopefully many) distinct thing about my writing that is special is my extensive political knowledge. As a former Senate Page (major points if you know what that is) I have a grasp on American Politics and the legislative process that is very stand-out. I like to think that I convert this experience into a unique, informed opinion on contemporary policy issues.

Aside from political knowledge, I (like to) think that I write with a lot of voice and enthusiasm. I have a very energetic, positive demeanor and like to think that that translates into my writing.

So in attempt to answer this question, my hope is that after reading my writing, the audience will feel a combination of happier, more curious, and smarter.

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  1. Hello,
    I really enjoyed your post, particularly the title, because it is very relatable. I also feel that a lot of writing these days is quick and purposeful, or for a class. How come nobody writes for fun?

    I also have that fear of is anyone reading my writing? Does anyone care? Is anyone listening?

    Anyways, I enjoyed your post!
    Meredith Fox

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