Painting a picture

Every portfolio I’ve looked at seems to paint a picture of the person who created it. I’m pretty excited to get started on my own.

Three people stood out to me while I was going through each blog: Jake, Catherine, and Logan

Here’s Jake’s homepage:


I work in the sports section with Jake at The Michigan Daily. I really like his homepage because it’s centered around his passion for sportswriting. I want to borrow this idea because I plan including some of the work I’ve done outside the classroom on the portfolio — including articles I’ve written and am proud of. Given that I may use the portfolio as a professional tool to showcase my clips to publications, I think Jake’s homepage is a good template to follow.

Like I said before, it showcases the passion he has for sports journalism, and that’s a passion I share with him, so I want to immediately send that message clearly to someone who stumbles upon my portfolio. It’s a big part of who I am, and I want people to know that.

Then there’s Catherine’s:


I think it’s really effective how Catherine combined simplicity with a background image that’s aesthetically pleasing. Putting every project from the Gateway course on one page makes the site easy to navigate and clearly lays out where each of her projects is.

I’m unsure if I like that a new pdf opens every time you click one of her project tabs (that’s something I’ll have to think about when I create mine), but I definitely like the idea of condensing all of her Gateway work in one section of her portfolio. I want my portfolio to be straight forward in some cases. I think keeping it simple can outweigh making the site elaborate — especially if it’s easier for a reader to find all of my work.

Finally, there’s Logan’s:


It’s a really small part of his whole portfolio, but I love the About Me tab. I’d like anyone who reaches my blog to get a quick sense of who I am as a writer and a person. (I might incorporate parts of my introductory blog post here.) I know it’s not the most important part of my portfolio, but I think it’s a nice touch, and a place where I can include contact information if I were to send this in an application to journalism internships.

I really enjoyed checking all of these out, and they all gave me some inspiration for the direction I want to take my portfolio, but these three stuck out to me.

I think combining some ideas they showed me with my own plan could result in something pretty cool. Looking forward to getting to work.

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