Please clip your toenails at home

So I started thinking about what my pet peeves are, but I realized I could allow just about anything to annoy me. I seriously think almost any daily action that someone does could be a pet peeve of mine (this is probably a character flaw-whoops). But Some major things I recently thought of that really stick out to me:
-Guys who wear Timberland boots around¬†campus & don’t pick up their feet when they walk. Please, you aren’t walking through molasses, there’s no reason to drag your shoes under your feet like that.
-People who don’t let people exit the bus before they board.
-People who REFUSE to move onto the higher standing deck of the bus to make room for other people. Nearly every day I watch as people stand paralyzed & refuse to walk up the three steps on the bus to make room for others, why?!?!
-People that recline on airplanes-come on man, you know when you recline you take literally half of the person’s space behind you.
-When people clip their nails on airplanes. Are you serious? There is less than 5 inches of space in between us, and you want to send your toenails flying into my lap? No.

-People who take their shoes off on airplanes.
-People that put their hand inside the cereal box at the dining hall whenever they go to get cereal. Do you realize how unsanitary this is?!?! The cereal will come out of the box just fine if you simply open the box and pour, yet you felt the need to reach your grimy hand in there and scoop it out into your bowl-ugh

I think I could go on for days about things that bug me. Maybe these are real pet peeves, but maybe I’m also just easily bothered?

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