Project 3

I haven’t entirely nailed down what I’m doing for Project 3, but just as Project 2 evolved as I worked on it, I think this one will too.

I know I am going to actually turn this into a blog.  For Project 2, I just made sort-of an outline on Microsoft Word for what the blog would look like, so I could focus on writing the stories and recipes.  Now, I think I can transfer this to an actual online blog space.  I’m going to use a website-building space that allows me to easily format this while still making it look professional.  I will put my “about” section, as well as my stories/ recipes on this blog, and just like Project 2, it will be targeted towards college students.

The part that I’m still thinking about is how to incorporate a bit more “new media” into this project.   Because I already have all the writing done for the blog, I don’t think it will be that hard to transfer it onto a pre-built platform.  So I want to incorporate some type of movie or short videos into my blog as well- I just don’t know what type of videos.

As of right now, I have a two different ideas of what the videos could look like.  First, I could make a simple instructional video.  I’d want to keep this short so people wouldn’t lose interest, but I’d quickly go through the easy process of how to make one of my recipes, while also incorporating the easygoing, humorous tone I carried throughout my blog writing.  The other option for the videos is to interview different students on campus about their experiences/ mishaps/ successes with cooking on campus and just make a funny video that showcases those experiences.  Or I could even interview students in some fun way (like they do on Buzzed video) that asks questions about the type of food that’s on my blog post.

So while I know I’m going to turn this into an actual blog, I am not sure about how I want to go about creating the videos and what I want them to look like.  I’m going to meet with T soon to talk it over a bit more, but for now I’ll continue thinking through those ideas on my own.


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