Project III

For Project II, I had originally planned to interview people to get different perspectives (based on age) on how people feel about making decisions about their majors during college, and if they regretted their decisions (especially if the decisions were based on cultural/societal pressures and expectations). However, I instead wrote a series of personal anecdotes to detail my own experience in deciding what life path to take, because my own experience was the main motivator behind my project’s idea, and when I tried to incorporate outside information, it didn’t feel “right.”

So, for Project III, I am planning on taking the outside research and interviews I have from my original plans for project II, expanding upon them, and using them to create a sort of blog. I am planning on including an “About” page on which I want to talk about the outside research I conducted, including statistics about the number of students studying things that they do not enjoy, and the underlying reason for this phenomena. Then, I want to dedicate a separate page for each person I interviewed (and will interview in the future), which will display a picture of the interviewee as a child (perhaps dressed-up as what-they-want-to-be-when-he/she-grows-up outfit) and then one as the interviewee is now. I will also include snippets from the interviews I conducted with them. Some of the questions I plan on using are: what did you want to be when you were a kid and what are you now and why the discrepancy, what factors played a role in the decisions you made relating to your profession, did you ever feel pressure from society or culture or family to take a specific route and how did that make you feel, and if you could go back, would you do anything differently?

Since I want this project to interact with readers, I am planning on including a comment section in which readers can add pictures of themselves and/or discuss their own experiences with how/why they have followed the path that they have.

Overall, I am excited about this project and to address the pieces of Project II that I had initially wanted to focus on.

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