Project III

Right now, after reading my previous posts, you are probably tired of reading all this software nonsense without knowledge about the program. Well, good news! I have decided to create a simplified video about how to access the program. I plan to make the video a little sarcastic in order to grasp my audiences attention and express how a intense program can be broken down.

For the video, I am going to record the process on the computer and then voice over the video with key guidelines, anecdotes, and comments. I believe that this will allow others to understand what I have been talking about since the beginning of Project II.

For the video, I am still unsure about what side to login into, either the project management or accounting. I feel that the accounting side may be a little too overwhelming to go over in video, whereas the project management side is much for simplified. I could go over how to do one certain task like enter a change order. This could also be extremely beneficial to my colleagues in the field because when in need they could reference this video for help.


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