Speaking about Translation and Content Draft

As I have gained my feedbacks for my capstone project’s first content draft, I realized that I had overlooked my audience’s language and prior knowledge to my topic (cultural differences amongst mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). I gave a moment of reflection to this during my translation class when one classmate commented that translated versions should stay as close as possible to the original text and our professor challenged, “What is close?”. I realized that the gap of my content draft was not based on the research I have done, but rather, the sources of research. I used English to search for online documents. I used the school’s databases to conduct a more in-depth research, also in English. And many of these documents are translated materials. In other words, I realized that I am looking at the topic from sources that were intended to be for an English speaker centric audience. It means that details originally emphasized might be deemphasized and vice versa.

Therefore, I think I should try to conduct my research and gather perspectives in the local languages of these areas, especially when words could carry more than one layer of meanings. It will be an interesting ride.

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