Spring Break and Project Updates

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty certain that (almost) nobody is following the blog right now, seeing as it is “Spring” Break. That’s alright, because some of you may see this post when you return!

I decided to stay in Ann Arbor for the break, mostly because I am not made of money for travelling and because exactly a week from today I will be taking an audition for the Tuba substitute list with the New World Symphony Orchestra. So, I needed to make sure I had adequate time to practice — not to mention the fact that it is ridiculously easy to snag the performance halls in the Moore Building if I want to record things (which I have begun doing for my project!). I also live in Florida, so the idea of returning either home or to some other tropical destination is not that appealing…this happens when one grows up in a tourist state/region. I much prefer the gentle snow that we are currently getting here!

Anyway, I hope you are all having wonderful vacations. Personally, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Fallout 4, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. It has been quite lovely. But, I’ve also had tons of time to work on my Capstone Project! So far, here’s what I have accomplished:

  • I am over halfway through the completion of my poetry journal.
  • I have composed two pieces of music, one for each week that I have written poems for, and have recorded the first of them.
  • I have gathered about 17 pages worth of quotes/research from various books (mostly related to the relationship between poetry and music) that I have checked out from the library or purchased, and am close to formulating a solid goal with the prose I plan to write. All that remains is to delve more into the psychology/physiology/emotions of being a practicing musician, and then I should be ready to start writing (if I don’t decide to just begin getting ideas down soon, which is actually more likely then it would seem to be).

I’m pretty happy with where I am, especially considering that I’ve been able to complete some other, non-project-related tasks in the interim hours. I finally feel like I’m set on course and know what I’m going to do (except for the prose element, which I’m still working on mentally).

I wish you all a relaxing reminder of this break, and I hope that everyone comes back refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the semester! Good luck 🙂


One thought to “Spring Break and Project Updates”

  1. Evan – Extremely, frighteningly jealous of your progress on the Capstone project. I visited the blog today in hopes that others would share in my frustration that I got absolutely no work done over break and that memories of the beach are contributing to some terrible writers block. What I found was completely the opposite! Very impressive. I would say best of luck with the rest of the project, but it’s clear you won’t need it! Instead, break a leg at the audition!

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