The Year in Fungi- Class Discussion


I don’t find fungi all that interesting. When I was a kid, I enjoyed killing mushrooms by pouring dish soap on top of them, and now as an “adult,” I enjoy eating sautéed mushrooms; other than that, the organism does not really peak my interest. That was until I read Nicola Twilley’s article The Year in Fungi. The title itself caught my attention, and the article’s tone had me laughing the entire time. Twilley was able to take something as boring as fungi and write about it in a way that was so interesting and relatable. I was laughing not only at her puns (I’m a sucker for puns), but also at her serious tone around the subject. She was able to write about something so boring to most, and make it relevant and fascinating.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 12.13.12 PM *My favorite pun- clearly it’s really easy to make me laugh

I have to admit; I didn’t understand the entire article. There were terms used regarding fungi that I am not familiar with, yet I feel I still got the gist of the article. This is exactly how science writing is supposed to be. The reader doesn’t need to understand all of the terminology, but should feel like they have learned something after reading the article.

Although the science writing aspect isn’t relatable to everyone’s capstone projects, I do think this article has some qualities that are important for everyone. We each are doing a project that is interesting to us, but may seem boring to others. What makes excellent writing is the ability to make a boring subject interesting to the reader. I think this article does an excellent job with that. This is something we should all be challenging ourselves to do with our own projects.

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