Third times a charm

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One of the two times that I failed before getting this post written…

A deer in headlights. This is what my friends refer to me as. It all started when my friend took a picture of me. For some reason, every time a photograph of me is taken on an iphone, my eyes turn bright red. Everyone else’s eyes remain their natural color. But mine? Nope. Mine turn as red as fire. So now, whether my picture is being taken or not, my new nickname is a deer in headlights (sometimes shortened to DIH).

This nickname has evolved over time. One rare sunny Ann Arbor day, I went for a run. My friend spotted me as she was driving by and shouted “GAZELLE!” out the window. When I later asked her why she shouted that, she told me it was because I reminded her of a gazelle. DIH was quickly replaced, and I was now referred to as a “gazelle” by my peers.

At first, I took this nickname as quite offensive. I was unsure of whether being compared to a lean, long legged animal was a positive or a negative thing. Although I laughed whenever “gazelle” remarks were made, deep down, I looked at this nickname as rather negative. Since I grew up as being awkwardly taller than all of my friends, I have always been a little self-conscious about my height. However, my parents always told me that I should stand tall, and be confident in all of my 5 feet and 8 inches. When thinking about this, and thinking about the nickname gazelle, I’ve realized that my friends are giving me a compliment.gazelle-49

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