Why Are Writers So Cool?

I loved looking at everyone’s eportfolios from the past. No two were even close to the same, and this made me weirdly ecstatic. What I realized while going through the eporfolios was that what really matters here is to showcase some personality. Of course there were some that were easier to navigate than others, but on the whole they were all pretty straightforward, simple, easy to navigate. The ones I particularly liked, however, had a certain look to them. I am hesitant to say that any of them were “better” because they really were just all different. Though, I particularly liked the work done by Cameron Fattahi, Logan Hanson, and Nina Sternberg.

I like simple. Backgrounds that are one solid color, usually white, and clear, clean content.

Here is a breakdown, highlighting what I believe to be the strong points of these portfolios:

CAMERON FATTAHI – The way in which he formatted his “Writing Homepage”, which has a dropdown menu with all of the projects of Writing 220 is near exact to how I want mine to appear. It is easy to see all of the documents, is not too text-heavy, and yet it somehow holds the reader’s interest. Well done with the actual project presentation.

LOGAN HANSEN –┬áHis “Other Works” page is perfection. It is creative, using quite literally a timeline to show the work he has done throughout his time here at U of M. I really admired the creativity he showcased without being overly complicated. Seriously impressed, I may use this idea in one way or another on my portfolio. Hope you don’t mind Logan! Lol.

NINA STEINBERG- The homepage picture was bold. It immediately caught my interest, stating: “These Are the Souls.” Overall, this was not one of the strongest portfolios I saw, but it had some of the most personality. Seeing this portfolio made me want to know Nina. I want to learn about her as a human, and I think that is pretty powerful for a webpage to be able to do that. Nina where you at? Let’s be friends. You seem cool.

If I had to describe these eportfolios, I would say that they are all simple and professional yet also do a wonderful job of displaying the writers personality. Now I know that this is what I am aiming for with my own portfolio. Thanks for the inspiration Fall of 2014 cohort!

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