A New Chapter

Today is the last day of classes for me at University of Michigan.  I’m feeling more reminiscent and sentimental than usual.  Recently, I’ll be doing fine one minute–excited as I print headshots for our Musical Theatre showcase in New York city or as I make reservations at restaurants for graduation.  But, the next minute, I’m standing on State Street weeping like a baby because the sunset is so beautiful over the Michigan Theatre.  I realize that everything is becoming a last…my last sandwich at Zingerman’s, last Saturday morning at the Farmer’s Market, last welcome Wednesday, last dance class, last blog post.

So, right now I’m hungering for  things that I can hold onto.  I found that this portfolio, this project became one of those things.  It’s a tangible, lasting, public documentation of my growth here over the past four years.  It tells of my evolution as a writer and as a human being.  And my project speaks about one of the most important experiences of my time here.  I find comfort in the fact that I had this time to reflect and to document this beautiful, crazy journey.   So, maybe I can’t have a loco frita from Frita Batidos anytime I want or sit in the law quad in the summer sun drinking a bubble tea or sit on the roof of my apartment early in the morning to watch the sunrise over Ann Arbor.  But I have a way that I can look back on that chapter once I’ve moved into the next one.  And I can remind myself that change is a good thing, that the journey is winding and uncertain and often full of chaos…but it is beautiful.  And I’m thankful for that.

Link to final portfolio and project:





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