Am I an Adult Yet?

Well this is it. By the last word of this post, I will be done with college.

I have started this post about 6 different times already, deleted everything, and stepped away from the computer. There is a lot of pressure to get this done – I don’t want my last assignment to be mediocre. But hey, I guess I’m graduating either way.

So with that, click here to check out my portfolio!



It took me a long time to settle on the theme, but it ended up being worth the wait. The collision theme has such a deeply personal meaning to me, which I hope showed up in a passionate way.

All of the pieces of writing I chose to include were about an internal conflict dealing with compromises in my personality or voice. This struggle is something I experience on a daily basis, but I think the combination and clashing of personality traits ultimately leads to more beautiful and nontraditional results. I hope that my portfolio is another example of that!

As I’ve matured in age, I like to believe my writing has matured as well. It has become much more open and unapologetically raw, which is scary, but I think the vulnerability has helped the work become more real. I’m super scared for you all to read my portfolio (or at least pretend to).

Quick nostalgic note:

I swear that I was just applying to be a minor in writing, and now it is all done. I truly cannot believe how much I learned. I definitely lived in ignorance about all of the ways to improve your writing and just how many ways there are to explore and experiment with new techniques. I am so grateful for the minor (and all of my professors and classmates) for giving me a safe space to do that in.

Peace out college!

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