Cut the Ribbon

Friends, family, colleagues, fellow writers… the deed has been done.

Okay sorry, that was too much. I just feel like making a post to announce the unveiling of my website deserved a dramatic opening statement. But it’s true, my website and my time in Writing 220 is finished!


Keeping with my tradition of New Girl posts, here’s one that describes how I feel about this semester being over— completely shocked.

If you would like to check my Portfolio out, heres the link:

I have a lot of mixed emotions about this. I’m sad that the class is over, since it’s one that I thoroughly enjoyed everyday, but I also feel incredibly accomplished, and I’m so happy with how my EPortfolio turned out.

I feel like I’ve grown so much in my writing and my confidence in my writing this semester, and a lot of that is due to my amazing classmates and to T. So huge shoutout to you guys, thank you for always giving your full attention and care to collectively becoming better writers.

I hope everyone has a relaxing and adventurous summer, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the future!


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