Happy New Year!

It took me awhile to write this post. I could not think of a metaphor to express how great this class is. I wanted to find a way to voice to all newbies how important this class can be if you embrace it. If you are crazy enough to test the waters of a class with no boundaries. So here is my metaphor…


Every year, no matter where you are in the world, a new year begins and we all celebrate. New Years Eve is not only a time to celebrate one’s accomplishments and be thankful for the past. But, a chance to refresh and restart. A moment to become a new you. As if everything from the past year is gone and it is time to create another year of memories.

At this point, you probably see absolutely no connection between New Years Eve and the beginning of the gateway course. But all I can say is that you will. This this course is the breath of fresh air within your academic career. The beginning (or rather New Year) of memories that you are about to form. It is class where stress, grades, and competition do not matter. It a one of a kind course that will challenge you to be the best writer, individual, and person you can be. You are inspired by 18 of the most brilliant minds to be your best self. Use this motivation to be the best writer, student, and indiviudal you can be!

Welcome to a community that will revolutionize your thinking, make you feel smart, and show you how wonderful learning can truly be. This class is your academic breath of fresh air! I wish the absolute best of luck and please reach out to me anytime with questions. Much love- Chloe


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