ePort Image of Myself

It seems standard for MIW folks to include at least one image of themselves in their ePortfolios. In my gateway ePort, I did not include an image of myself and, up until recently, I was planning on doing the same in my Capstone ePort. My Capstone project is all about the plight of full-time, poverty-wage workers and, to the best of my efforts, it is not about myself. Truthfully, though, a big part of the ePort, as an assignment, is to feature my own writings, so it does seem sensible, then, to include more autobiographical information than just my name. In fact, a picture might make sense, perhaps–if it is the right picture. This is after all, my ePortfolio. I still struggle with this, though, because to include any snippet about myself is to detract from the focus of this entire semester’s work, which the importance of the labor movement, a movement that I play only a small role in. But that’s an important nuance. I do play some role in the movement, so maybe I should include myself more, but I can’t just use any image of me; I need to use an image that solidifies my position as a firm member of the labor movement.


I think this image pretty much hits the nail on the head. It confirms my ethos as someone who’s involved in the movement; I’m not just someone who knows about the movement. Also, I am not alone in the image. This is important. One of the most crucial messages I want to get across is that joining the Fight for 15 is all about working together for a living wage and the large volume of people in the image with me underlines that message. My only concern is that, because of the way the image is framed, it looks as though I am leading the march. In reality, there was a large mass of folks ahead of me. I was just another body in a massive march. I do not want it to appear as though I am some sort of leader in the movement. I am no more than a humble organizer, a cog in the machine of labor activism. I shouldn’t present myself as something I am clearly not.

As of right now, I have this image featured on the ‘About Me’ tab of my ePort: the only tab that features information about myself. I think, overall, the image sets up my ethos well and, more likely than not, it will stay where it is; however, I think it is helpful to talk through why it works and why it doesn’t work. That discussion can help me customize how I present the image, so that it creates the intended effect.


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